Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boyd and Jina in Chicago

Boyd and Jina (Jonny's parents) came to visit us over the weekend. They were only here for a few short days, but we sure had fun and did as much as we could. And of course we played the Wii and Wii fit a lot! I think Boyd is addicted -but at least he got his daily workout!
The first day they were here we picked them up from the airport and went to lunch at Portillo's- one of our favorite places here. That night we took them to the Riverwalk, this time I got some good pictures in the daylight! Its so pretty!Jonny and the famous Chicago style pizza. It was SO yummy! It was the thickest pizza I've ever seen- really like a pie. They cook the crust, then the cheese (tons) and toppings and then they put the sauce on top. Yum. It was so good, but definately not on our diet menu!

So of course you can't be in Chicago and not take a picture with Michael Jordan!

On Saturday we spent the day downtown. It is ginormous- a little bit bigger then hometown Idaho! Jonny took this picture of his parents walking and holding hands :)
In front of Sears Tower..... bad lighting in the pic but it was the best we could do......
this building is seriously SO tall- I got dizzy looking up to the top!

On the elevator ride to the top! 103 floors! We stood in a line, watched a cool movie about the building of Sears tower, then crammed into the elevator. Let me start by saying how much I hate elevators- and this is like the King of elevators. It goes 16 miles per hour and is not a very smooth ride, especially when you have smelly people standing in your bubble :) But I was brave and pretended not to be terrified! And luckily the power didn't go out and strand us in the elevator like I was worried about, huh Jonny?

I know you can't really see this picture very good- but i wanted to document everything! Okay so these 2 pictures are of the parking lot across the street that we parked in. The top one is not zoomed- but the bottom one if full zoom. That just shows how high we were! Our car is 2 to the left of the big RV in case you were wondering.
And of course I zoomed in on Soldier Field. GO BEARS!

It has the most pretty view of the city (this is only one side view of the city, imagine this all around) and the water. The lake is huge, its hard to think its not the ocean! You can't even see land on the other side.

Jonny, Jina, Boyd- on the water taxi. The river runs through the city and so you can take these "water taxis" to different places. It was so nice to go to the tourist spots without having to worry about driving/parking. And it was pretty!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Chicago

Last weekend it poured for about 3 days- seriously the rain didn't stop. It wasn't a light drizzle either, it was the hurricane storm I guess. There were a lot of problems with flooding around the area and we had our own little flooding in front of our house! These two pictures are our front door and patio.

Jonny and Geoff thought it would be fun to jump in the pool when it was raining. Ha they're so funny- it was SO full because of all the rain and it overflowed everytime they jumped it. You can see how full it was in the pictures.

Jonny is so sweet all of the time and does thoughtful things when I least expect them. The other day he brought me home flowers and the sweetest card... and bought me a new pair of jeans! woo hoo! he's so good and i'm a lucky girl!

THe other night we went with some friends to the Riverwalk in Naperville. It was a lot of fun. We went to dinner then walked around the river. I know the pictures are dark but it was so pretty, I can't wait to go back sometime in the day.
This is Jonny on the bridge- you can kind of see the river with sidewalks on both sides.
Across the river they have a monument for 9/11. They have a huge wall with faces carved in them. The faces were drawn by school kids in the area... We couldn't resist taking pictures by them!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Life in Chicago

On the beach at Lake Michigan... ... a little different from the beach in San Diego. (they really do have a little beach, we're just standing on the rocks). The lake is HUGE, it really just seems like the ocean but without the big waves. You can't see anything but water!
Last night we drove to downtown - it is AMAZING! It is the coolest city, there are so many cool buildings and bridges. some of the city is on the water, its really neat. Unfortunately, once we got by the lake it got really foggy so we didn't really get any good pictures of the skyline. The tall building is the Sears tower, it is seriously the biggest building ever. I just look at it and imagine how tall the twin towers were and I can't comprehend it!
This picture is really blurry- but we're by the pirate ship.
Ha Jonny reminds me of a little kid in this picture. This is how foggy it was- we couldn't see in front of us! I was sad because I wanted to see all the city lights, but we couldn't! Navy Pier- It is huge and so fun! They have tons of shops, places to eat, carnival rides, boat tours, etc. So much to do and so lively!
I thought this was a cool pic- it was so foggy that the lights were all reflecting. One day we'll go on the ferris wheel, when we can actually enjoy the view!These were the funnest mirrors! Sorry you can't see them very good, it was getting dark and i couldn't use my flash to take them.
Navy Pier- again its a little dark, but it was such a fun atmosphere I wanted to show everyone!

Us at the entrance of Navy Pier.

We're having so much fun! We haven't been able to do a lot because of Jonny's crazy work schedule, but I guess that just makes us cherish the fun times we have. Chicago really is a neat place and I'm loving the opportunity we have to live here for a little bit! Oh ya- I tried to get Oprah tickets the other day and was unsuccessful :( I tried ALL DAY! There is only one day a month that they open the phone lines for the following month. So last week they opened the tickets for October- the last month we'll be here. So it was my only chance. I tried all day and just got the busy signal. Now I believe people when they say they try to years to get tickets! Maybe one day.....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Boating with the Johnsons

We were able to spend some time with Jonny's family too. It was good to see everyone and hang out for a few days. Boyd and Jina took us boating one day.... Here's some pics!

This picture is Jonny's Dad- He's really good at skiing (I don't know how to spell slolam? ha ha) anyways- ya he's good and we always like to see his big spray.This one is Josh when he's practicing his flip- or trying :) ha I love this picture, his head crashed right in the water! Maybe next time Josh! jk I can't make fun because at least he's doing it! He's really good on the wakeboard (when his head isn't crashing in the water that is).

These 2 are me and Jonny on the knee boards- don't let this fool you tho! I was only on it for about 10 seconds- literally. I'm not the biggest fan of being in the water, i guess you could say i'm SCARED of crashing! seriously tho..... i'm a wimp.

This is me and Jina on the tubes- our "princess ride." Thanks Jina for going slow with me! ha We had fun.

Jonny and his brothers

Jordan and Jonny on the knee boards- they're always really fun to watch cuz they splash each other and stuff.

My jonny on the board- woo hoo! He was so excited he got to wear his wet suit from high school