Monday, May 26, 2008

My Sweet Hubby

I came home from work the other day, and found these pretty flowers on the counter! I have the sweetest husband ever! He is such a hard worker and he never complains (unlike ME). I don't know what I'd do without him!

Night at the Beach

The other night a bunch of us went to the beach. Its one of our favorite things to do. We didn't have a bonfire, but just hung out. Some of the brave ones went swimming (yes- they are CRAZY! You couldn't pay me.....) But here are a few pictures from that night.
Me & Jonny
Jonny & Alex (his other wife)

Oh ya- the white hat Jonny is wearing isnt his, its Jess's :)

Friends + Shopping = FUN

My friend Robin lives up in Huntington Beach, but is moving back to AZ this week :( So we tried to get as much fun time in as possible before she leaves!!! Last weekend she came down to San Diego and spent the day down here. Jessica, Robin, and I went to the Carlsbad shopping outlets. It was SO much fun! I'd never been there before but it was a way fun place. We tried to keep our spending under control.. .. .. and did pretty good. We went to lunch at Ruby's, shopped, and then walked out to the oceanside pier.

Last Friday, Jess and I went up to visit Robin in Huntington Beach. We started by driving by this super old house we discovered last year on accident, its kind of an inside joke. Thats the picture with the super old bush. When we were looking at it I stepped on this super rusty nail! It went through my flip flop- but didn't really go too far in my skin! It was gross, but i was lucky it didn't go all the way in my foot! Then....We drove over to Newport and saw the temple. We tried to go to lunch at Robin's fav- Panini's, but it had already closed to get ready for dinner :( So.... we went decided to go shopping some more! Robin knows all the hot spots! We went to Irvine (i think) to Nordstrom Rack, then to HB to Ulta (the best store ever- Thanks for showing it to me Rob!). Then we had the best frozen yogurt ever from Pink Berry's. YUM, seriously I could eat it everyday! Oh ya- and of course it was pouring the whole time! Its not supposed to rain in Cali!
This last picture was taken on Saturday. We met up in San Clemente and went to the Rainbow outlet (flip-flops). Then of course out to the pier and lunch at in-n-0ut. Its been a crazy few days- but so much fun! I'm sad Robin is moving back to AZ, but I'm glad we got to spend some time together before she leaves!

PS- I'm still not sure how to position the pictures and wording very good- so sorry about the randomness!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Okay- I'm really going to try to get into this blog thing, I feel so behind the times. So here's a little update!

Jonny and I are living in San Diego and its great! I love the warm weather. After our wedding we went on a cruise to Mexico. It was my first cruise and it was awesome- I think cruises are the way to go. When we got back we had a reception at my home in Vancouver, WA. It was really fun to go back there and show Jonny and his family where I was from. The following week is when we moved to San Diego.

Jonny is working for Pinnacle Security- He's managing an office down here and is doing really good. He's such a hard worker. I'm working for a dental temp agency, so I go to different offices filling in for other hygienists. Hopefully it will pick up a little bit more. Its kind of hard going to different offices, I wish I could find a more permanent job, but its hard when we're only here for a few months.

THe day after we got married we went to a Jazz game. Jonny made this poster. It was really funny- and Jonny LOVED it! It definately caught some attention.

Here are a few pictures from our cruise.

On our way to CA my car got a flat tire! Of course! And then the spare was just as flat. It was so funny seeing like 5 guys crowded around telling each other how to change the tire. Luckily we were only about a mile from an exit (and luckily not in the CA desert yet either). So about 45 minutes later we were back on the road..... with 4 new tires. Yikes

My brother Nick lives in Ventura and came down last weekend. It was fun to hang out with him.

(below) Me and JOnny

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Some Wedding Pictures!

Here are some wedding pictures finally- I'm going to try and be better at this blogging thing!