Friday, November 13, 2009

Home projects

As soon as we got back from Chicago we started working on projects around the house. We painted just about every room in the house and got new carpet and tile throughout the whole house. I'd be fine if I never saw a paintbrush again! It was quite a mess for a few weeks, but it was so worth it. We love how everything turned out. The colors aren't great in all of the pics- but you get the idea.

Jonny tore out all of the carpet and old tile. It was quite a chore, but saved us some money. I'm still trying to get everything back in order. I think we had about an inch of dust on everything in the house!

Jonny and his brother tearing out the kitchen. Jonny's family was so great and helped us a lot through the process!
This is the basement. The wall on the right is khacki. We painted the dark brown on top and stained the bead board on the bottom.

Another view of the basement. And Jonny's pride and joy for selling 300 this summer, his TV. Close up of the bead board.....

Looking up into the entry way.... Cubby was following me everywhere.

Looking down on the landing.... new tile and new khacki paint.

This is our new dining table. I love it! It'll be great since we're having Thanksgiving at our house this year!

The kitchen.....

Living room.....

Bedroom- we did a light tan wall and dark brown accent wall.

This is Jonny's favorite room- he picked it out himself. So it was only fitting that its Bingham Blue right? :)

This is my favorite room- the color looks really off in this picture though. Its a really pale green- not so bright. Then we stained the bead board in here too.

Close up of the beadboard and green wall
It was quite a project but its so nice to have done!!

Trip to Arizona

Last weekend I made a quick trip to Phoenix for my friend Robin's wedding and also to see my Grandma. It was such a great weekend. I saw a lot of great friends that I haven't seen in a long time. We all went to hygiene school together and we feel like family after all that we went through together! Friday night we had a girls night with Robin- we did a little shopping and went to dinner. It was so fun, it was just like we hadn't been away from each other! We had a lot of good laughs!Mindy, Kim, Robin, Colleen.

Ashley, Robin, Mindy, Kim

The new Mr. and Mrs. Stichler! The day was perfect and they make a great couple.

Kim, Robin, Mindy, Me- outside the temple. It was SO warm!!

At the reception. It was so pretty! It was at a friend's house on the lake and it was decorated so awesome. After the reception they left in a boat! I am so happy for Robin, JD seems like a great guy.

A view of the reception....

Me and my Grandma. I love being able to go see her and spend time with her. She is so great!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Festivities

This post has a lot of pictures- we had a fun Halloween this year.

First of all was our ward Halloween Chili cook-off and Trunk of treat. Neither Jonny or I had ever been to a trunk or treat before, so we weren't quite sure what to do with our trunk. But considering we threw it together at the last minute I thought we did ok. Jonny actually did most of it, and it looked really good. We even won an award for it. You can't see very well in the pictures but we had purple lights so our trunk was lit up. It was pretty cool. Jonny in front of his hard work.

Jonny holding our award. He worked hard for it.

Derek and Nicole.... so cute :)

Jonny being our photographer....

Nicole and I making carmaled apples. It was really fun and they were SO yummy. We had a fun night with them- going to dinner, making the apples, and ending it with a scary movie. I HATE scary movies. Its a good thing Halloween is only once a year.

Some of the final products....
Every year Jonny's aunt and uncle have a Halloween party. Jonny talks about all the memories he has as a little kid at the party. Melinda always has fun games like fishing, bean bag toss, cake walk, and of course the adult money tree!
Some of the boys....
Jonny and I....
The girls....

Decorating cookies.
Papa and Addie

The MONEY tree before we picked our envelopes...

I won!!!!

Derek and Nicole- the BIG winners!

Jessica and Tyler's big day

Jonny's little sister got married a few weeks ago. It was such a great day and the weather could not have been better! They are such a happy couple. Congrats Jessica and Tyler!Jonny and his two brothers Jordan and Josh Jessica and Tyler Day

Johnson siblings

The original siblings.... plus Tyler.

aww.... at the temple. It reminded me a lot of our wedding day :)

The Johnson girls

The growing Johnson family.
At the reception center- it was amazing there.