Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cubby's First Girlfriend

Okay, before I start- don't make fun of me for blogging about my dog like he's my kid... but he is :)

Our friends Matt and mandi (matt sells for Pinnacle and Mandi works in the office with me) have a 4 month old Golden Husky named Maddy. She is so cute. She's half of Cubby's age- but double his size. Cubby's proven that size doesn't matter to him! They live right down the hall from us so the dogs play almost everyday. Cubby was a little hesitant at first, but now they're in love!
Cubby is your typical male dog.... but has slowly started to calm down and now they just play. I love that he has a friend here! Its so nice having a friend that also has to hide their dog, so we're not the only one. So far, so good though!

We're getting cubby neutered tomorrow (yikes!) So we had to get one last play session in before he loses his manhood. He has no idea whats coming! I'm actually a little nervous for the poor guy! Dont' worry... I'll blog about it and let you know how it goes!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Nothing too exciting

We finally made it to Chicago! We were glad to finally get here. So far its been good- except for the fact that dogs are not allowed at our apartment complex..... Yikes! Nobody seemed to let us know.... . . There are also a few other couples with dogs. But since we came out early and were the first ones to show up with a dog, we got all the grief. So we call Cubby our little Andy Frank because he is in hiding. We can't walk him around our complex, so we've come up with creative ways around it. Since Cubby and I are home alone all day together (he gets super bored with me), we've become pretty close and had some not so fun experiences that I'm sure I'll laugh about one day. THe latest just happened a few minutes ago. Since we can't walk him around the complex, I sneak him to my car and drive to the park that is about a 30 second walk from our apartment. Ha how lame is that!? I drive to the back side of the park so nobody at the apartments sees me with him (again!) since he's supposed to be long gone by now. Long story short, he chewed on his leash and almost broke it so I was in the middle of tying a knot in the leash when he suddenly pulled and got away from me. NO!! We were walking on the road by the park.... and he ran... ran FAST. So of course I start chasing him and he thinks its a game to stay away from me. He would stop and crouch down and look at me while thinking "come and get me, I dare ya...." He was running around on the front lawn of these town houses.... So I looked like a fool chasing him in circles around one tree, then the next, and the next. Only 3 or 4 cars had to stop so they didn't hit him (while watching me run around like a mad man!) Finally I tricked him into chasing me (we've learned this is the only way to catch him). I got him to follow me into someone's front gate and up to some strangers front door. Wow, I was MAD! Everytime I think i learn my lesson about holding on more tight to the leash, it happens again. I do feel bad for him though, being couped up all day. We definately miss our backyard in Utah!!

This is a picture I just took- looks like all that running finally wore him out! whew!

Oh ya... Jonny is doing awesome out here!! He has made his way up to 21st in the company. So good! I'm so proud of him for working so hard. He has so much motivation to go out everyday and he is so good at what he does! way to go babe! I found this picture while I was looking on my computer. It was after a long day of selling for jonny, and another lazy day for cubby.

Easter with the Boyle's

We were able to stop for a couple of day in Omaha on our way to Chicago. Our new newphew got blessed on Easter Sunday so we also got to see my parents. It was so good to see some family and spend time with them. Summers aren't really a vacation time for us because of Jonny's job, so it was good to slip in some fun times with family before we started the summer.
Me and Jordan while he was searching for the eggs the easter bunner (A & J) hid....

Showing off his easter eggs. It was so funny, everytime he found an egg he would turn and pose just like this for the camera. Ha ha

Jonny hanging out with cubby after church
Grandpa Boyle training his new granddog. He's so good with dogs. Cubby loved him.My cute newphews. Jordan and Joseph. Joseph has the cutest hair that sticks straight up. I love it!I'll let you guess why i'm laughing.. .. .. He was definately making good use of his diaper.

Monday before we all had to leave to go to our homes, we went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Jonny and I love that place. We had a lot of fun playing to trivia games... Boyles vs. all the other people in the restaurant.

On the road again.....

Its that time of the year again, we we pack up and try life out in another state for the summer. We'll be in Chicago for the summer and we're really excited! Cubby helping me pack for the big move!
This is Cubby's favorite place to sit and stare out the window. I think he was sad we were leaving. Ha, ya right. He had no idea what was coming up!

Driving in the car. Cubby found his seat. We set his blanket on the console in between our seats and he was perfectly content just sitting there. He'd even lay down and sleep for hours. He did really well in the car surprisingly, I think riding in the car makes him sleepy. I thought it was so cute that he was sitting there that I had to take some pictures.

Watching the road......
Some of the trip was spent in his kennel in the back. he was still able to look out the front and side window. So he really didn't mind being back there. (I know we have so many pictures of our dog, but he really is like our kid. I used to make fun of people for saying that, but its true!)