Saturday, December 20, 2008

St. Thomas/Puerto Rico

Okay here is the rest.... I kind of dragged this on for a while. This was St. Thomas- we went to the most beautiful beach and went snorkeling.
Crammed once again into a big van.

The girls!

Me and Nicole

Me and Jonny

Me and Rach (this was actually st. marten)

Josh (and his famous "welcome home" arms)

Jonny..... wants to be like Josh one day :)

Me and Jonny. There were some way cool fish here!

The beach by our hotel in Puerto Rico

These two were at the Fort in Puerto Rico. It was a really cool place and its amazing to think that they built this fort so long ago.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

St. Marten

Jonny playing the steel drums. They were playing Christmas Music.

We went zip-lining in the trees. It was so much fun, and different then the one we did in Mexico. They had different obstacles we had to go through like walking on tight ropes and walking across moving wood planks. It was a lot of fun, but they wouldn't let us take our camers. :(

All ready to zip line- this was the guy who helped get us all harnessed up.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day in Curacao

Derek, Nicole, Jonny, Ash, Josh, Rachel- this was a cool shopping area that had very brightly colored buildings. We had such a fun day! We rented buggies, mopeds, and 4-wheelers and went on a tour of the island. It was so fun, and there was such a long train of us!

We had one of the newest ones and ours kept breaking down! We had to tap on the engine with a rock to get it to start again. It died a couple of times in the middle of big intersections, but we survived and it was actually pretty funny. I felt like quite the mechanic everytime I tapped with the rock and made the engine start again.

We made a random stop at an ostrich farm.....

We went to the coolest beach. It had stairs that walked down into the water and you could swim out to a floating dock. I am NOT a fan of cold water so I was so excited when the water was warm!

Just me and Jonny

Aruba (jamaica, oooh i wanna take ya....)

I can't say Aruba without thinking of the beach boys song- i can't tell you how many times we all broke out singing that. Our first stop was Aruba. It was kind of rainy day, although still hot ( i've never experienced warm rain) so we took a tour of the island. It was really cool to see different sites.

The whole gang crammed in the van.

Waiting to get started....

Our tour guide was so cool. She got really excited when we told her we were Mormon. So she drove us to see the church, and we happened to see the missionaries ride by on their bikes. It was cool.

We went to these big rocks that you climb up and from the top you can see most of the island. It was a little windy- hence the funny faces.

The beach- I was so excited to see the little straw huts because thats always what I picture when I think of the Caribbean.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Cruise!

Ok I'm a little slow- but we had such a good time on our cruise. It was so fun to spend the time with Jonny's family. I have lots of pictures- so i'll break them up in a few posts. We flew into Puerto Rico Saturday night and stayed the night in a hotel. Then Sunday we got on the cruise ship. We stopped in Aruba, Curacao, St. Marten, and St.Thomas. Then we were back in Puerto Rico for another day and night. It was such a nice trip and was so hot! The gang in the airport- bright and early!In the airplanePracticing the evacuation plan, just in case we sink :)Our room was on the top- it overlooked the shopping area. It was so fun!Santa Clause! These guys that carve the fruit are amazing.This was the funniest thing ever. They have this game show called the quest. The audience divides into sections/teams. Then they give you these quests or different challenges that each team must complete. This was a kickline that the guys in our section had to do- and it was so fun because it was all our family!

All the cousins (well most) waiting for one of the shows to start

Me and Nicole- soaking in the sun.

They had a rock climbing wall that the guys loved- here is Jonny on his way down.

Jonny, Derek, and Josh

The family loved to participate in all the volleyball, dodgeball, basketball, and pingpong tournaments. THis is after the dodgeball tournament.