Monday, August 11, 2008

Josh and Rachel (and Addie) came to visit us... ... almost a month ago. I'm a little slow at posting. We had a lot of fun with them when they were here, they are such a cute little family. It was fun to have some family visiting. Addie is so cute and is getting so big!Of course we went to Sea World- you can't come to San Diego without going there. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures- but here is one of Rach, Addie and I at the Shamu show. One of the radio stations had a $5 concert on the beach. It was SO SO SO pretty. It was Josh Gracin, Heidi Newfield, Phil Stacey, and Whisky Falls?? Ha I can't remember all of them. Anyways Rach, me and Jess went to it and it was such a fun girls night! We went a little crazy without they boys around. The sunset was so pretty and you could see the beach/water. The pictures don't do it justice.
The pretty view.... we sat up in the bleachers and this was our view. When Josh Gracin came on we went down by the stage and screamed like teenage girls. There was one point Josh came out in the crowd and we all touched him and screamed :) Ha ha

This one is for you, Ali! Its your friend Tony! I knew you'd want to see him again :)
After the concert- walking around the beach.
And then we just had to take a trip to Tijuana while they were here. We got some great deals! Even Addie enjoyed it!

Jonny and I on the mechanical bull in mexico. It was my first time riding one ( i don't know that it counts though.... they moved it pretty slow for me)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The San Diego Chargers vs. The Dallas Cowboys

Yesterday we went to the chargers football game. It was SO much fun. Neither Jonny or I had ever been to an NFL game so we were really excited. My brother Nick came down from Ventura to go with us.
Jonny in front of Qualcomm StadiumWatching the warm up.Going to our seats.... on the field! You know I had to get some pictures of Tony Romo! I tried to look for Jessica Simpson, but didn't see her. Dang.Warming up before the game. This is Terrell Owens and the backup quarterback.In our seats before the game. We had such good seats and it was so much fun!

Nick and the Chargers girls. They have a little bit more clothes on than the Rock Star Girls. This is for you, mom.

Jonny's favorite is Weddle- I guess he played at Utah or something.
Terrell Owens and LaDainian Tomlinson talking. Tomlinson didn't play because it was a preseaon game. I feel so smart knowing all these names :)

The end of the game. Chargers won!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Jonny!

Okay so I'm a little late, but last Wednesday was Jonny's 24th birthday. He kind of had a whole birthday week since his parents were here the weekend before his birthday. I surprised him and bought him a Nintendo Wii. He wanted one forever but I kept telling him no, but secretly saved up for one. He was so excited! I gave it to him early when his family was here so he could play it with his brother and dad.
Then on his actual birthday I surprised him with Chargers tickets (12th row!) and a jersey. He was SO excited. The game is this Saturday and they play the Cowboys.

Happy Birthday Jonny! Thanks for all you do and I hope you had a great day! love, Ash