Friday, July 17, 2009



Early Birthday Present

I got a new present today! I lost my camera (sad story)... so I finally got a new one today. I'm totally bummed about losing my old one though- it had about 200 pictures of fun things we've done in Chicago that I hadn't uploaded to my computer yet! I'm no longer going to procrastinate that. I've learned my lesson. My old camera was also my graduation present from Jonny 2 years ago! It was a good little camera! But... now I hope to learn more about picture taking. I'm a complete amateur and don't know much. Last Christmas I got photoshop, so I'm finally going to make myself learn to use it!
Thanks Jonny for such a great early bday present!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Spring babies!

Ok, I know we're into summer now, but I couldn't resist blogging these pictures I took a while ago. The apartment complex we live in has several lakes and beautiful landscaping. There are always ducks and geese everywhere. Early in the spring there were so many babies! Mandi called me over one day because they were congregating outside her back door. She was feeding them bread and they were coming right up to her door. At one point there were 4 little families there- about 20 or so geese. It was so cool! I love spring!

Our cute dog!

So this is the process we go through everyday- two or three times a day. We wrap Cubby up in a towel and sneak him out to the car. I've got it down pretty good and Cubby is so good when he's hiding, he must know whats going on. I wonder if people see me and wonder what I'm always carrying in the purple towel.... but oh well. Only a few more months!

The other day I found a bunch of Cubs stuff at Wal-mart. I couldn't resist it! We got him this cute shirt, a cubs coller and leash. He's so cute in it. I know, I know... I talk about him like he's my baby, don't make fun!

We officially started our obedience class this last week at Petsmart. He's really good with people, but for some reason cannot stand other dogs (other than his girlfriend Maddy, whom he gets along with great). He barks and growls and tries to attack them. So hopefully after some classes we can fix that. It makes me feel better to see other dogs in the class that have bigger issues than him :)