Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas, Puppy,, and more

Ok so i'm really late with this. But the first of December I came home from work and was surprised with an early birthday present from Jonny. He got me a puppy! His name is Cubby and he is a puggle. Here are a few pictures of him. He is getting bigger now, he's almost 5 months. He's so fun and we love to play with him. This picture is after we moved in our house so he's gotten quite a bit bigger. Jonny finally let me get him a coat for when we go on walks...

This picture below is the true Cubby. He's turns into a bit of a terror at times. He loves the toilet paper and we've learned quickly to keep all the dorrs in the house closed and keep a close eye on him. He loves to chew- especially my hands. But we still love him.

This pictures are from Christmas time. We went to my parents house in Washington. The first day we were there they took us to get a Christmas tree. Its at this really cool tree farm where you get to pick your tree and cut it down. This year it was JOnny's turn to cut it down. And he did it in record time! It had snowed the night before so it was so pretty there!

This is my Dad and Jonny putting the lights on the tree. I just watched :)

Us with my parents and Baxter (the famous dog). It snowed SO much in WAshington. It hardly ever snows so it was major news. We were trapped in the house for a few days but I thought it was fun :)

Us on Christmas morning. We got these huge stockings at the dollar store. We also get matching pajamas on Christmas Eve (all our fmaily)

This picture was Christmas Eve. There was lots of snow and we always do these luminares (SP?) I LOVE Christmas time!!

This was on New Years eve- the first picture of 2009!

Us on Chrismtas Eve with "B Money"

Our House!

Okay- finally here are some pictures of our house! I realize I took this one of the house in the dark- so I'll take another one sometime. But here it is. We've been here almost one month and love it. Its been so nice to finally unpack and settle down (for a few months- we are moving to Chicago again this summer). We've loved having our own place and do all the little house projects.
The front...The front room on the left, part of the dining room on the right. This is downstairs in the basement. its our family room area with the back door out to the back yard.
The guest bathroom

Our kitchen. I love the red!
So here it is! I'll put some more pictures up once I get more decorated and things. Also we have a great view of the new temple!