Friday, October 1, 2010

West Yellowstone August 2010

Every summer my brother, Cameron, moves to West Yellowstone, MT to be in the Playmill Theatre. I remember going to see shows at the Playmill when we were little and lived in Idaho. Now its even more fun to go since Cameron is there. We usually go in August around the time of the Mesa Falls marathon- but this year we went earlier. Everyone was there except Kris and Cami and their family (we missed you!) We had a lot of fun!

This was us all cramming in the car to go swimming at Firehole- its kind of become another little tradition. Except I hate cold water.
The only wildlife we saw this trip! We didn't even see any buffalo!
Cam, Chase, Shyla, Me, Nick and Jonny sitting in the freezing water..... There were cliffs and rocks everywhere that you could sit on.
Jonny getting ready to jump in the deep part. You jump in this skinny area between cliffs and it sucks you in and pushes you out further down the river. Doesn't sound fun to me- I tried it once and almost drown- and that was the end of my bravery.
Cameron--- the pro.
I had to put up this picture up of this little chipmunk or squirrel thing. While we were in the water, my Dad was feeding these creatures and taking pictures of them. I have about 100 pictures of squirrels if anybody wants any.
Chase, Shyla, Nick, Cam, Jonny

This picture is sideways.... sorry. Its my mom with 3 of her sons.

This was at some geyser. It was pretty cool.
Dinner at the Pizza place after a long day of swimming. Yummy.
With Cameron after the show Beauty and the Beast. He was the clock. It was such a good show, one of my favorites!
Us with cameron if his full clock costume.