Friday, March 19, 2010

Random Things in Life

I'm not very good at posting anymore... For some reason I think that I have to have some pictures to post about- or exciting news. Things have been going well for us though. We are just working away -- well some of us are still looking for another job (me). Jonny is such a hard worker, I am always amazed him. He is like the energizer bunny and is constantly going. There is hardly a night when we just relax and watch TV anymore. I guess that isn't a bad thing though- and it helps us enjoy the time we have together.

Here are some pictures of things we've been up to. ...
Just Cubby- How can you not love that face???

Jonny's friend Alex works for the Jazz and got us tickets one night. He is the manager over the suites- and since there was an empty one he let us go up in it. That was awesome. You get the treatment up there for sure. I ate WAY too much popcorn! The best part about it was that two sweets down from us was President Monson. (see below). I'm sure we weren't supposed to take pictures but couldn't resist.... It was so cool to see the prophet of the Lord so close- and to know that he likes the Jazz too!!!
Jonny was in Seattle one week and sent me these beautiful flowers!!!
This is the finished product of the bedroom downstairs..... We finished it a while ago but I'm still working on decorating it.
This is the finished bathroom. It feels nice to finally be done with our big projects. But probably not for long- we have a lot of work to do in the backyard once it warms up!

I've told a lot of you about our famous ottoman. Last fall we bought this nice ottoman- and it wasn't very cheap. Well we'd had it about 2 days before Cubby chewed the corner off. I was trying to figure out how to fix it but had no idea.... so it just sat there for a few months. Then about a month ago Cubby decided to destroy the whole top part. It wasn't a happy day at our house. But it actually ended up being better because I decided to try to be creative and recover the whole top and it worked out better then trying to figure out how to fix the corner part that he ruined first. Here are the pictures of before and after. Its not perfect- but as you can see much better than it was before!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mexican Riviera Cruise

We went on a cruise last month with Elite Realty Group. There were 24 of us and we had a blast!
The day we got on the ship was Superbowl Sunday- so the guys found them some chairs on deck and watched it on the big screen. It was really cool- just a little chilly though!

Our first stop was Puerto Vallarta- we stopped at Walmart, went zip-lining, ate at an authentic mexican restaurant, and did a little shopping at the flea market.

Our second stop was Mazatlan. We rode horses on the beach and it was awesome!

Our last stop was Cabo. We went to lovers beach and relaxed in the sun.

One of my favorite parts of cruises is getting the towel animals in your room every night. This cruise made the best animals!