Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bahamas Cruise

Here are some pictures from our fun cruise to the Bahamas. I loved the Bahamas! The water is beautiful and so warm. I hate cold water and don't like getting in if its freezing, so it was fun to finally get in the warm ocean! All together there were 16 people in our group, all young married couples. Jonny's brother and sister in law went too, so we had lots of fun with them!
This first picture is the first day on the boat- at the sail away party. I seriously love cruises, I think they are so much fun!Our first stop was at the Grand Bahama Island. We rented scooters and drove them around the island and ended up at a really pretty beach resort. Since it is September and the start of their off-season, there weren't a lot of people there at all. We pretty much had the place to ourselves! It was great! We laid in the sun, swam in the water, and played a little beach volleyball. And of course did some shopping. We got a little lost on the way back to the ship, but got to see a lot of the island so I wasn't complaining!

Our second stop was at Nassau. It was my favorite stop by far. We went to this awesome waterpark/hotel resort that a bunch of our friends had been to before. You could spend a whole week there on vacation and not get board! They had awesome water slides that all came out into the lazy river at the bottom, so you didn't have to get right out of the water! Then they had a water slide that went through a shark tank (we were in our own tube inside the tank). The landscaping of this place was awesome too! They had their own private beach, an aquarium, climbing wall, etc. I'd love to go back and just stay at the resort one day!
Some of the girls....
We were on the newlywed game- Jonny has wanted to do it every cruise that we were on. He was great at it, but I'm not so sure I was the best :) It was fun- and now I can check that off my list and never have to do it again! They recorded the show and then replayed it throughout the whole cruise on the TV in people's rooms. So the rest of the cruise people would come up to us and say stuff about it. I could have done without all the attention :) Half the group at dinner. They have the best food on cruises.

The group- minus a couple.
On the last day we stopped at a private island that the cruise ship owned. It was beautiful just like the others. There were jellyfish EVERYWHERE in the water, and people kept telling us they didn't cause problems. So some of the brave people went snorkeling- but I didn't. Two of our friends did get stung by them! That was enough to scare me! The boys played in a volleyball tournament and won first place! It was a fun, relaxing day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


We just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas with a bunch of friends/family. We were able to spend a night in Miami before the cruise and then a couple of days after the cruise too. I had never been there and was so excited to see Miami in real life compared to how it is on TV in CSI Miami, Brooke knows Best, and Khloe and Kim take on Miami..... Ha can you tell that I keep up on my TV shows? :) Get ready for a picture overload.... A pretty shot of downtown Miami- it was so pretty at night!
This is Bayside Market- its like an outdoor mall. It had tons of shops as well as a ton of good places to eat. They had music playing and people dancing- it was a fun place. Miami definately has a nightlife!

Jonny and Cody at the Port of Miami- excited to get on the cruise ship the next day!

In front of the American Airlines Arena- where the Miami Heat play. It was so pretty with all the lights at night and the palm trees.

This was after the cruise.... Me and Sara in front of this super cute Boutique. It had the funnest jewelry and accessories for super cheap. We went to Lincoln Road on South Beach. Its a pedestrian street with shopping and restaurants on both sides. I have never seen more people with little dogs until I went here! Its definately a posh place. I have also never seen so many expensive clothes!

This was at the beach at the end of Lincoln Road. I have never been on a beach on the east coast- where the sun doesn't set over the ocean. The sky was still so pretty and I love seeing the skyline of big cities at sunset.

We ate at the yummy sushi restaurant called Samba Sushi. It was so good!

On our last day in Miami we went to Gator Park. I'd highly recommend it! We went on an air-boat ride through the everglades and saw all the alligators in the water.

This one they called Scar Face. He got in a fight with another alligator one day- he won, but lost his left eye.

Another pic of an alligator..... They swim right up to the side of the boat, it was kind of scary! Our guide would through bread out to them and they'd snap their mouth open and eat it!

You can kind of see our tour guide in the back- I don't know why, but when we were riding through the everglades on the boat it reminded me of scenes from the opening credits of CSI-Miami! The boat was really loud so they had us wear ear plugs.

Holding an alligator! He was 4 years old, and about 4 feet long. Thankfully they had his mouth shut or else I don't know if I would have done it!