Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snowboarding is always an adventure...

One thing that Jonny and I both love doing during the winter is going snowboarding… although when I met him he had never been. He preferred skiing- boo. Just kidding. But I am glad he decided to try snowboarding two years ago because now he loves it and its something we get to do together each year.
Here is a little picture for you…. just a reminder of what happened the last time we went snowboarding last year…. needless to say, Jonny was a little nervous our first time on the mountain this year.
I can only post that picture because now we can all laugh about it. Well kind of... it still hurts sometimes and now our new insurance won't cover any treatment on it because its a 'pre-exisiting condition'….blah. But thats a whole different blog post.

We went to the Canyons before Christmas with Jonny's brothers and dad. It snowed all day long and there was tons of powder.
Me and Jonny-- awe.
In the gondola on the ride up the mountain- Jonny, Me, Boyd, Jordan, Josh.
The boys doing what they do best-- sitting on their bums.
Jordan, Boyd, Josh
Ha ha this is a great picture if you know the story behind it. Someone had a bright idea to go down this run that hadn't been groomed. There was probably 3 feet of powder and it was so steep that it was hard to get down. This was taken after Josh almost ran into a tree, got up and then almost immediately collided with Boyd. FUNNNY!
This is Boyd when he fell- you can't see it very well but his skiis got stuck vertically in the snow…another funny story.
This picture on the top is me after I fell…. but right before I face-planted it and couldn't get up. It took me forever to get out of the snow!
Jonny after a wild run in the powder…he may have face-planted it as well.

When we went snowboarding in Park City the weather couldn't have been more opposite than before. It was perfect! It was warm and the sky was clear and blue. We went with my brother nick and one of his friends… but my camera died so I don't have too many pictures of it!
I just had to post these pictures of Jonny with his two nieces. Aren't they cute :)