Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lake Mead May 2010

Like I said earlier- I'm trying to play catch up. I have so many things I want to blog about but for some reason I procrastinate until I have so much to say that it takes me forever!

Every May and October Jonny's family goes to Lake Mead. We've never gone in May because we've always been out selling somewhere. So this is the first year we were able to go to the May trip. It was so hot, but the water was still a little cold for my liking! We had such a great time. We were at the lake for 2 days and camped overnight. Then we stayed in St. George for another night at Jonny's parents condo.
This is Jonny and I on the beach. We always go to this little beach that is perfect to just let Cubby run around on. I usually get nervous to just let him free because he runs, but there wasn't anything he could do to get in trouble here so we let him go. He loved it there- he was obsessed with playing fetch with his ball. We'd throw it out in the water and him swim out to get it. He also loved to dig in the sand and roll around in it- he got quite dirty! And yes I'm aware that I'm talking about my dog like he's my child- get over it! :)
Here is Cubby running on the beach and swimming. Jonny was so proud of him!
We even let Cubby take his first ride on the tube..... His ears stuck up in the wind.

Tyler, Jessica, and baby Lily.

Jordan and Jonny on the knee boards.

Cubby floating in the water on the board- he didn't like this so much.

Jordan on the knee board....showing off again. :)

Jonny on the ski.
Boyd on the ski.... look at that spray!

Eating dinner at our campsite. Jina is the best person to go camping with because she is always so prepared and has the best food for us!

Roasting mallows and talking around the fire.

The girls on our Princess ride..... even though we look scared in the picture below it wasn't too crazy. Thank goodness I was with a pregnant girl so they had to be nice!
Then we had a ride with the husbands, it was a little more crazy!

Cubby floating on the tube with Nana and Papa.
We had such a great time and can't wait to go again in October!


Jessica and Tyler Day said...

I am glad you are playing catch-up! Great pictures! :) Remember how you almost folded in half and died on the tube ride? Man...that was a fun trip :)