Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our recent travels

Jonny and I have been very lucky to have been able to travel so much lately! We are just trying to get it all out of our system before we have kids one day! :)

In Ocboter my good friend Robin and her husband JD invited us to go with them to Cancun. We had SO much fun. I had never been to a resort anywhere so I was really excited. I loved Cancun, the water was beautiful and so clear and the sand was so white.
This first day was in Play del Carmen, it was closer to our hotel than the actual city of Cancun.
Robin and I :)

We totally gave into this guy on the streets and paid him money to hold his monkeys. They were really cute tho….
We went to the coolest theme park call Xplor. If any one goes to Cancun I highly recommend it! We were there all day and got to zip-line, swim in caves, raft through caves, and drive these jeep looking things. The zip-line was SO much fun, but we didn't get any pictures. They had a water slide and 3 of the ziplines landed in the water. It was a blast!

We drove over these bridges and through underground caves!

The beach at our hotel was beautiful!
I have always wanted to go to a place that has a pool bar. Jonny and I won the water balloon toss contest so we got free drinks! virgin of course!

One day we went to Talum- a little town with ancient ruins. They have so much history to them.
This was the beach at the ruins in Tulum.

A giant iguana at our hotel.

This was the most fun cruise I have ever been on! We had such a good time. Thanks Elite Home Security!

This was at the awards night….

Cabo San Lucas!


Puerto Vallart!

Some of the guys got asked to help with the promenade parade one night and dress up as the village people. It was SO funny! All the old ladies flocked to them to get pictures with them!

One night we played Sardines on the boat, I don't know whose idea it was, but it was the best! We had so much fun trying to find whoever was hiding….
All crammed in the elevator getting ready to play Sardines
At the end of the game, crammed behind a piano….

We had such a fun time!!!


Terrill and Emily said...

Ash!! WE just went on a cruise too and one of our stops was Belize. We saw the ruins at Tulum. Aren't they awesome! you look so skinny too. I am glad you guys are doing well! Miss ya.